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We have made it our personal  mission to be the preferred recruitment agency for our clients.
For this, we apply the TREND values into our daily grind to search for the perfect candidate.


We seek only the best talent to meet our client’s requirements.



Clients can count on us to deliver the best staffing solutions.



We cultivate a culture of excellence and take pride in our work.



We build long- term relationship with our clients.



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We have been recoginzed as the leading recruitment agency for local and multinational corporations, due to our diligence in recruiting only the best talent for our clients.


We combine deep industry and functional knowledge with a proven executive search and assessment process to help to help you find leaders who best fit your organization.


We provide contract staffing services for temporary positions. Aside from recruitment service, we also include contract consultation & preparation and payroll services.

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• We offer competitive pricing and deliver quality candidates comparable to other MNC Recruitment Company.

• We provide designated key account person to liaise with our client to engage with during the recruitment process.

• Huge & growing database for job candidates that is open for new job opportunity

• Our recruitment service open to all of the states in Malaysia and other selected Asian-Pacific Region countries such as (Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, & Vietnam)

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We are able to help global companies connect with innovative talent who will drive their business and growth.

Work Agency Malaysia – The Job Recruitment Agency Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

If you are browsing for a trusted and recognized job agency Malaysia, Smart Trend Recruitment And Consultancy is at your service. We are the prominent recruitment agency Malaysia, which has a framework of managing quality services and a dedicated wing of departments for Talent Solution Malaysia. We make it simple for you to connect with several authentic companies and recruitment agencies all at once. We are considered as one of the preferred job recruitment agency Malaysia with the committed and exclusive services that are being provided by us.

You might have a powerful resume with herculean skill records, appropriate experience and the best education from the leading academic institutes- All these are just not enough to land the dream job of yours. Honing your expertise and investing them into real practice are two completely different as to acquire the right job for effective implementation of skills and optimum satisfaction is actually tough. And that’s exactly where we as the promising staffing agency Malaysia seems to be of paramount importance for you. Since significant guidance is always the key to obtain perfect job roles, it becomes indispensable to search for the pioneering recruitment agency Malaysia.

Our Services –

Permanent Job Placements
Executive and Target Search
Contract Job Placement
Temporary Job Placement

We are here to help you find the right career in Malaysia

When it comes to searching for the lucrative job offers across Malaysia, Smart Trend Recruitment And Consultancy will promote your efforts with a personalized step and series of program oriented approaches to understanding both your experience and expertise, along with the interest where you desire to take your career. Our manpower planning research is very thorough and thus, headhunter Malaysia experts will find you a job that is meaningful and fulfilling to you, and one you can thrive in.

Take a Quick Look at the promising aspects of using a recruitment firm Malaysia: Our Added Value

Support and Guidance

A job agency in KL relies on the expertise and referred set of skills of its recruiters: we understand the job market better than many; our hr solutions Malaysia are experts in researching, interviewing and estimating skills. We are aware of the requirements of our clients, and also, know how to help the job seekers. The designed recruitment support stands to reinforce easy employee search as well as job search that one can rely on and navigate completely. Regardless, there may adequately different options to explore, for your job search or a potential candidate search, we can sort all these things out to make a worthy result.

Ease of Job Hunt

The advantages of using a recruitment agency Kuala Lumpur are obvious as we can help you find the right job. At Smart Trend Recruitment And Consultancy, our headhunter Malaysia professions always meet our candidates in person and ensure a thorough discussion, which allows us to know for some facts clearly. From there, our staffing solutions Malaysia expert can guide candidates for suitable roles that will help them to prosper.

Convenient and Simple Steps:

Job Search is tedious and tends to become out of control after a few rejections and other obstacles. Sending your resume to several companies is a easy but a follow-up is difficult. All these structured ways and methodical actions are performed by our team of Malaysia job consultancy experts. Our organized employment agency in Malaysia system, has a systematic process for managing employers as well as job seekers– Just Stay Sorted! Our Talent Solution Malaysia team can put off a heavy burden from your shoulders.

A Commitment to Follow

Smart Trend Recruitment And Consultancy, as a job agency Malaysia, does have ample support system that starts from a strong and potential relation with the recruiters and the long-lasting bond to cater a complete staffing solutions Malaysia. We are glad that we can help and offer a new career change to innumerable ambitious professionals by using our capabilities to assist job seekers to find the desired position in the organization. To know more about the process, see our testimonials for reference.

Comments and Feedback to Evaluate

Don’t rely upon fortune- We, the international recruitment agency in Malaysia strive hard with those who don’t get tired of rejections, as critical comments and a ‘no’ for an answer are very common during an interview. As a recruitment company in Malaysia, we neither give up nor you. If you are unable to land one job after an interview, our Malaysia job consultancy recruiters can help you evaluate the pros and cons of the entire interview and discuss, the area of improvement to understand the essentials skills to adopt for your next attempt.

Promising Manpower Outsourcing Solutions

Whether you’re searching for a role in technology or IT, financial services, finance and accounting, medical sectors or teaching arenas, the job agency in KL experts of Smart Trend Recruitment And Consultancy apply decades of industry knowledge and extensive market research to connect you with series of job-opportunities that match your profile as well as respective career ambitions. Beyond this, the hr solutions Malaysia at Smart Trend Recruitment And Consultancy strive to ensure you with authentic information regarding the opportunity and will prepare you with the said opportunity, by contributing you with resume proofing, job role, position requirements, and interview tips along the way.

Recruitment company in Malaysia: Why Us

At our recruitment firm Malaysia, the consultants of staffing agency Malaysia will deal with the series of recruitment lifecycle and essentialities, and finally, take all the responsibilities such as interview preparation, resume proofing, productively changing asset levels and other hiring variances. With this, the employers and respective HR department do not need to bear the burden and other necessary casualties of conveying pointless staff cost when more noteworthy tasks are needed to be performed. Our employment agency in Malaysia implements stringent steps like resume research sourcing, screening, detailing, verification and execution procedures for your entire business company while your present team of HR manages the meeting, interview, shortlisting, contracting and onboarding processes.

Our hiring agencies Malaysia implements numerous strategies for professional candidate sourcing from referrals, scouting, online ads, print ad, campus recruitment and other social media practices to draw in solid applicants’ system and satisfy employers’ job positing and our client’s needs.

So why us? Browse below-

Power to generate remote or local applicants, Malayans or different other nationalities
Ability to cater candidates for various professional levels and job roles from different industries
Capacity to supply labor globally and locally
Our recruitment agency Kuala Lumpur has a huge database of job seekers
Believe in promptness and thus, Service delivery with sincerity and quick
Experience specialists in our work agency Malaysia and quality administration
Compelling and innovative process to support your employing needs
Commitment and customer oriented team of hiring agencies Malaysia
Strong and trusted alliance with abroad as well as local recruitment providers

The other influential services that can be obtained through our work agency Malaysia company include:
Project based recruitment.
Transferring of ad hoc staff
Transferring of contractual staff
In house as well as on site support of skilled contractual employees

Connecting You to Your Prospect

In addition to all the mentioned services, we would also go for potential partnership with the trusted clients on the basis of productivity that proves to be the major role of international recruitment agency in Malaysia, and they are:

Minimization of long term liabilities and issues
Huge reduction and helpful in managing the employment expenses
Retaining the human resource
Meeting the essential requirements and seasonal increase across the business sectors

We offer placements for the following industries:

Food sectors
Tours and travel
Learning jobs
Technical services
Healthcare industries
Store jobs
Car rentals
Banking & Financial Services
Engineering & Manufacturing
Executive Search
Procurement & Supply Chain
Finance & Accounting
Human Resources
Life Sciences

Powering the World of Professionals: The Trusted work agency Malaysia

As the best Malaysia job consultancy and recruiters, we can provide reliable and targeted employment opportunities to professional candidates and innumerable clients. If you wish to prosper and construct a successful career in any of the renowned job sectors, we are here to help you and extend the most helpful guidance. Regardless of skills and your job aspirations, we can offer and assist you with the best placement opportunities.

We are here to Guide! Share your feedbacks and Interest. We tailor your interest and improve your job hunting experience and candidate recruitment opportunities.

Associate with us and Create an impressive resume, now. Let us find you the perfect job. We at Smart Trend Recruitment And Consultancy, our recruitment agency Malaysia will leave no stone unturned in translating your aspirations into reality.

Search Jobs at our job agency in KL today or upload your resume to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q 1. How to search for a good Staffing Agency in Malaysia?

Ans – To search for a good staffing agency in Malaysia, it is through a review that was made by the people. Next, to find a good staffing agency, you need to identify the staffing agency’s capabilities in supplying good candidates.

Q 2. What are the benefits of using a staffing agency to find a job?

Ans – One of the benefits of using a staffing agency to find a job is that staffing agencies are experts in researching, and interviewing candidates. Staffing agencies are aware of each position hiring and their requirements. Other than that, the staffing agencies can supply labour globally and locally. The staffing agency can cater candidates for various professional levels and job roles from different industries. Within a huge database of job seekers could help the staffing agency to provide clients with valuable candidates.

Q 3. How much does it cost to use a recruiting agency?

Ans – The cost of using a recruiting agency depends on the position’s salary and the number of hiring. If the position hiring is clerk, and the salary is RM 1400, then the cost per head hiring shall be RM 1400/person. Thus, the cost of using a recruiting agency is not fixed and the fees can vary depending on the interest and position hired.

Q 4. Is it worth using a recruitment agency?

Ans – It is worthwhile since using a recruitment agency eases the process of hiring and sourcing valuable candidates. Furthermore, using a recruitment agency shall decrease time for hiring. This is because the human resources just need to do a short screening with the candidates submitted.

Q 5. How to find a head-hunter?

Ans – Head-hunters can be found through various recruitment agencies

Q 6. What is the difference between a head-hunter and a recruiter?

Ans – There is only a minor difference between the head-hunter and a recruiter. Both liaise with the clients. However, the recruiter will sourcing and screening the valuable candidates whereas the head-hunters shall lead the highest position hiring.