Five Mistakes That Can Cause Your Failure in a Job Interview

Are you looking for a job for you and applying to different organizations that have openings? This is a must-read blog for you because this blog will let you know about five mistakes that can cause your failure in a job interview and increase your wait for getting an offer letter.

Here are they.

Appearing in the Interview without any Preparation

You should prepare for a job interview in the same way as you would do for examinations during your school days. You should prepare a comprehensive list of questions that can be asked during the interview. You should note down their answers properly. At the same time, you should look for all likely cross-questions that can be raised from your answers. This preparedness will make the job interview quite easy for you because you will know what to say in response to a question asked by the interviewer.

Not Obtaining Enough Information about the Employer

You must search the web to find information about the employer. You should check their website thoroughly to understand who they are and what they do. When you appear in the interview without having information about the company and the interviewer asks a question about their services, you cannot give a satisfactory answer. This creates a very negative impression on the interviewer.

Using Your Cellphone

Using your cellphone during the job interview will create your negative impression on the interviewers. They will consider you a non-serious candidate and may reject you. So, you should switch-off your cellphone before entering the interview room. If you cannot switch it off, then put it on silent mode so that your phone does not ring during the interview and cause distraction.

Don’t Say Anything Bad About the Last Employer

You should not say anything bad about the last employer. It creates your bad impression on the interviewer. They will think you will badmouth about them too when you leave their organization and go to appear in a job interview with another organization.

Having Poor Body Language

Your body language speaks a lot about you. As an interviewer does not know you personally and meet you first time during the job interview, they make an assumption about you based on your gestures and postures. So, be careful about your body language.

Being careful about these above-told things will increase the chances of your success. One more thing, be clear in your mind about your salary expectation and answer this question confidently with a reason why you deserve your expected salary. If you are unsure how much hike you should demand from an employer, you can ask the recruitment agency in Malaysia that has called you for the job. They can let you know how much salary the employer has decided to pay for that position. Thus, you can demand a salary hike accordingly.