Resume Writing Dos and Don’ts To Help You Write Your Resume

Do you have to write your resume? Are you unable to determine what you should include in your resume and what not? This blog is for you. In this blog, we have compiled some resume writing dos and don’ts to help you write a good resume.

Let’s start with Dos.

Do highlight your relevant experiences. If you are applying to different organizations, you should show your experiences based on their requirements. After all, you have to convince a recruiter that you have the skills and experiences to fit their requirements.

Do Show the data like increased sales by 30 percent with a bullet make the point highlighted and make that point noticeable. Don’t worry if you have no numbers to show; you can also show your achievements.

Do mention your soft skills with bullet points. Make sure each bullet point shows a skill that the recruiter is looking for.

Do mention your personal accomplishments in your resume. They will give the recruiter an idea about you as an individual. Suppose if you have won a debate competition, it will tell the recruiter that you are a good communicator that can benefit the organization in many ways.

Do optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems of organizations. Many organizations have their applicant tracking systems to eliminate unqualified applicants and select the right ones. To ensure your resume is not weeded out, you should use appropriate keywords and phrases in your resume. You will get those keywords and phrases in the job description.

Let’s now see don’ts of resume writing.

Don’t mention any unrelated hobbies. Why? If you love basketball or tennis or watch movies, it will not benefit the employer in any way.

Don’t show any fake work experience because when you show fake experience in your resume, you are exposed in the interview and it becomes difficult to face the interviewer anymore.

Don’t include anything confidential to your resume. It can create several problems. Besides, it will cause your rejection.

Don’t include obvious skills like you know how to use Microsoft Word and the internet. These details will only increase the length of your resume and will not hold the attention of the recruiter at all.

Considering these dos and don’ts will help you create a good resume for you. To make your resume more impressive, you can take help of a Recruitment Agency in Kuala Lumpur. They can guide you what information you should add to your resume for a specific job.