Some Important Questions to Ask When Conducting an Interview

Has your organization asked you to conduct a job interview for a vacancy?It is a big responsibility on your shoulders because if you fail to select the right candidate, it will hurt your credibility in the organization. You must be knowing this pretty well, so you will be thinking on how can you ensure to hire the right candidate for the position. The best way to hire the right candidate is to ask them the right questions. Delve into the job’s KRA and challenges to meet them. This will help you prepare your question list.

In this blog, we have compiled some important questions that will help a lot to determine if an interviewee fits into your requirements or not.

Tell Me About Your Progression in Your Career

Their answer will give you enough information about from where they started their career and how they have progressed. Focus on their body language when they are replying to your question because their body language will give you an idea about how comfortable they were with different organizations. Furthermore, their answer will open way for many logical cross questions related to their role and growth in different organizations. 

Describe Your Working Style

Their answer will let you know if they are a team player or love to work independently. Also, their answer will let you know if they fit well into your requirements or not.

Describe Your Ideal Work Environment and How Your Current Working Environment is Different from It

Everybody has a dream about their workplace. Their answer will let you know about what kind of work environment they like as well as if they are/were happy with the working environment offered by their current/last employer. It will let you know how adaptable they are and if they match your working environment or not.

What Two Skills Will You Want to Work on to Improve and What is Your Plan for Doing So?

When you ask an interviewee about their weaknesses, it makes them uncomfortable. You can ask the same question this way. Most interviewees will happily tell you about their weak areas and what their plan is to improve them.

Including these questions to your interview question list will help you very much to select the right candidate for the job. One more thing, wrap up your interview with the question – do they have any questions for you? To get the best candidates for your vacancy, you should approach a reliable Staffing Agency in Malaysia. They will shortlist the best candidates based on your requirements and send their resumes to determine if you should call them for the job interview.