Staffing Solutions Malaysia – 5 Important Items for An Employee Orientation Package

Your organization must have a proper employee orientation package for your employees because your orientation package creates your great impression on your employees, reduces integration time, and improves productivity.

Now, the question is: how to create a proper employee orientation package. As a reputable recruitment agency in Malaysia, we have helped many organizations to find the right candidates for vacancies in their organizations and job seekers to find jobs for them. Based on our experience, we tell you five things that make your EOP.

Let’s get started.

A Message of Welcome

When you hire somebody for your organization, you must greet them for their success in the interview process and becoming a valuable part of your team. Writing a welcome message to them provides you an opportunity to inform them about your company’s vision and mission.

Offer Letter

You must include your job offer letter to your employee orientation package. It must have a clear mention of the terms and conditions of the job, confidentiality, salary, and the terms for suspension or leaving the job. Your offer letter will let a selected individual know how they should work with you.

Organizational Chart

You must create a proper organizational chart and share it with every new employee so that they should know who holds which position and whom they need to communicate for which thing.

Company Details

You must share important details related to your business with your newly hired employees so that they can understand your business and your organization. Once an individual knows about your organization, its goal, and performance, it becomes easy for him or her to carry out their job responsibilities.


It is important for every employee to know how you work, what your parameters for quality control, performance monitoring, reporting, social media use, absenteeism,workplace harassment, and employee assistance program. Every new team member has proper idea about these things from the day one, you should share your policies with them in writing.

Including these above mentioned items to your EOP will help you create your good impression on your employees and work as per your expectations from the day one.